CATALOG: Moulding Design Ideas for Walls, Windows, Doors, & Floors

Dahlstrom has a selection of 1,600+ standard metal moulding profiles available for manufacture. If you’re looking for a particular moulding shape, check out our catalog below — it has all the moulding design ideas you could need for walls, windows, doors, floors, and so on.

Because there are so many options, we do not stock these profiles; we make all of them to-order.(Exception: our Quick-Ship Metal Mouldings.)

Feel free to browse our metal moulding catalog and download or print any of its sections. The sections are sorted by typical interior design applications:

  1. Channels, angles, hats, clips, trim, “z”s
  2. Panel profiles, stops, scribes, base profiles, glass stops
  3. Casings, pilasters, astragals, mullion casings, muntins
  4. Picture mouldings, wire mouldings, cornices, hand rails
  5. Trim profiles, curtain slats, corner shapes, hooks, miscellaneous
  6. Windshield tubing, window moulding, glass channels, trim

If you’d like to see and feel a metal moulding for yourself, request a free sample here. If you’d like a hard copy of our catalog, shoot us a message with your shipping address.

Only want a section of our catalog? Download just what you need below!

Prefer a hard copy? Email us at or call 716.664.2555