Buy Metal Mouldings Online

Our metal mouldings compare in price to wood… but only when we produce hundreds of them at a time. Not everyone needs that many, so we’ve decided to offer a limited collection of mouldings at volume-discounted prices. You can purchase small quantities and we’ll ship them in less than 4 days!

Considerations Before Ordering
+ Our mouldings should be installed by a professional metalworker; someone who:
     –  often fabricates doorframes or metal architectural interiors
     –  is experienced with cutting, sanding, and adjusting metal to be used as decorative trim

+ Dahlstrom mouldings are 90” long and packages can be quite heavy (depending on size)
     –  make sure you have appropriate personnel and resources on hand to safely unload
     –  make sure you have adequate space to store our mouldings

Metal Mouldings

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