About Dahlstrom

Our Philosophy

At Dahlstrom Roll Form, we believe in manufacturing components as an integrated member of your supply system. By understanding the parts we fabricate are truly “components,” we reinforce daily that our involvement is interdependent with a host of business functions you expect from a true supply partner.

When it comes to supplying OEM components, Dahlstrom® leads the industry. We’re one of the oldest roll forming companies with nearly 120 years of experience.

Our combination of roll form engineering and LEAN factory processes assure success. Our quality system metrics are equal to world class companies 10x larger. We offer a standard service package that guarantees we will understand your business needs as well as you do.

The Dahlstrom® supply system includes the following fundamental elements to ensure consistency and reliability:

  • Collaborative Engineering –  Involving our engineers early in the component design phase is critical for developing economical tooling, repeatable processes, and minimizing raw material costs.
  • Monitored Performance Data –  Dahlstrom® consistently achieves an on-time delivery rate of 99.5%+ and a field quality defect PPM of less than 4,000; we make sure your parts will arrive correctly and on-time.
  • Dynamic Inventory Management –  We use point-of-use feedback to develop the ideal Kanban consumption profile for your company. A seasonally-adjusted, simple Kanban system results in immediate component availability while inventory turns remain high.
  • Supply System Reviews –  We meet with our customers on a quarterly basis to discuss detailed consumption data, raw material pipeline status/market price trends, business forecasts, and to review any component design or system changes that may be pending.
  • Time & Material Waste Reduction –  Dahlstrom® focuses on using “pit crew” set-up teams to minimize machine hours while making intelligent material purchases to keep the cost of your components low.


Dahlstrom Roll Form is an ISO 9001:2015 company and our entire manufacturing facility is OSHA-SHARP Certified

CONTACT US to discuss your roll forming needs, or use our REQUEST A QUOTE form to submit your drawings and requirements… you will not be disappointed. 

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