Working With Autodesk Revit Moulding Profiles

Autodesk Revit is the easiest way for architects, engineers, designers, and contractors to model metal mouldings onto their project. Trying out the famous Dahlstrom catalog of 1,600+ moulding profile shapes has never been easier. 

Below we’ve compiled resources for using our Revit files and increasing productivity through effective Building Information Modeling (BIM) management. We recommend you start with the video on creating a moulding profile in Revit. If you’d like to receive a full suite of working files, click below for a free download:

(Note: Application of metal mouldings to architectural elements differs from general casework specification. Please consult the factory for your specific application.)

Creating an Autodesk Revit Moulding Profile

Here is a video overview on selecting a Dahlstrom moulding profile as a .dwg file and creating a Revit moulding family from it. 

This guide provides information on applying Dahlstrom metal mouldings to common architectural elements, allowing designers to evaluate trim options in the BIM model. Use CAD data to turn a .dwg drawing of a moulding profile into a 3D extrusion for wall surfaces, baseboard mouldings, doors, and window trim!

The decorative metal mouldings you see are from our online store selection.

Applying Revit Moulding Sweeps to Walls

You can now easily apply Revit crown moulding profiles, along with other types of interior mouldings.

Above is a quick overview of how to import Dahlstrom architectural mouldings onto the wall surfaces of Revit projects.

The following .zip file contains Revit elements of profiles, a door family sampler, a window family sampler and a mockup room project file. Click here for the file.

Using the Window Sampler File

Above is a brief overview of how you can select, change, and insert sampler files into your Revit window project. The example uses a single-hung window.

The window sampler family file contains a window with interchangeable sweep profiles of selected Dahlstrom metal moulding profiles.

Adding a Dahlstrom Profile as a Revit Window Detail

This overview covers applying mouldings as Revit window detail components in a new window sweep. With this step-by-step guide, you can use Dahlstrom custom metal moulding profiles on any existing window you have.

Using the Autodesk Revit Door Family

This is a video overview on selecting a Dahlstrom moulding profile in a Revit 3-panel door. Our door Revit files contain interchangeable sweep profiles of metal mouldings.

Adding a Dahlstrom Profile to a New Door Family

This is a video overview on applying a Dahlstrom moulding profile to any kind of family template for a Revit custom door.

Take This Revit Guide With You

Working with our massive catalog has never been easier! To keep these videos on hand in a convenient single document, click below. We’ll send you a slideshow file with all six videos for free: