Shapes and Channels

Are you looking for small-to-medium-sized production runs of 100′- 5,000′?  Dahlstrom’s roll formed shapes might be for you. Over 115 years of ever-changing work in the roll form industry has left us with 1,400+ sets of Dahlstrom-owned tooling you won’t find at other roll forming companies. All of them are available for your immediate use — this means no tooling charges or lengthy startup delays.

The standard metal shapes our tools produce are ideal for customers with smaller projects who still require the technical precision of the roll form manufacturing process.

We encourage you look through the various sections of our catalog to see if any of our standard metal shapes will work for your OEM application. When you’ve found one, CONTACT US or submit a REQUEST FOR QUOTE so we can start working through the details of your project ASAP. On-time delivery is one of our specialties.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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