Dahlstrom Metal Mouldings FAQs

Dahlstrom has manufactured best-in-class decorative metal mouldings since 1904, so we are well qualified to alleviate any reservations you have about adding metal to your design. 

Below are the most frequently asked questions about our products. Don’t see your question? Contact sales@dahlstrollform.com so we can help you find the answer.



What are Dahlstrom mouldings made of?

We produce our mouldings in a variety of metals, like:

  • Commercial steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze

Our STOCK mouldings are only available in galvannealed steel.


What is the standard moulding length/piece?

Most folks order in 8, 10, or 12-foot lengths. That being said, we can produce our mouldings to any length between 4 – 12 feet (+/- .060”). And, our STOCK mouldings are 7.5-feet long.


How do I install Dahlstrom metal mouldings?

Download our installation guide for assistance.

If you still have questions, call us at 716.664.2555 or email sales@dahlstromrollform.com for more guidance.

 Metal Moulding catalog

Can I use metal mouldings outside?

Yes. Our decorative metal trim mouldings will last for years outdoors when made of copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, or galvanized.

How do I find the moulding I need for my project?

If you have a Dahlstrom Moulding part #:

If you only have a metal profile drawing or physical sample to reference:

interactive metal moulding catalog


Metal Moulding catalog

As always, if you need further assistance, contact
sales@dahlstromrollform.com or call 716.664.2555 and ask for Sales.

How do I submit a request for quote?



  • Send an email to sales@dahlstromrollform.com that includes the moulding #, quantity (in linear feet), and metal type needed for your project.


    metal moulding rfq

Is there a minimum order requirement?

For made-to-order items, yes. Our minimum-order lot charge covers raw material, labor, packaging, and up to 500ft of finished product. This charge is ultimately determined by the type of metal you’ve requested:

  • Steel = $6,000
  • Aluminum = $6,500
  • Copper/Brass/Bronze = $7,000 


Do you keep any metal mouldings in stock?

Yes. We offer a small selection of STOCK mouldings that can be shipped right away.

These mouldings only come in 7.5-foot lengths, and galvannealed steel.

You can view and purchase them here.


How do I pay for my order?

On orders exceeding $10,000, Dahlstrom offers Net30 credit terms, upon approval.

Otherwise, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. When your mouldings are packaged for shipment, we’ll send a secure payment link via PayPal.


When will my order ship?

For made-to-order mouldings: we’ll ship in 4 – 6 weeks

For STOCK mouldings:  we’ll ship in 3 – 4 days (or less)


How do I care for/clean my metal mouldings?

The level of care your mouldings require depends on the type of metal they’re made of.

Click here for a detailed guide on cleaning and protecting your mouldings.


Do you offer any special finishes?

We currently only produce our mouldings in standard, mill-finishes. Special finishing requirements are typically applied by professionals in the field, during/after installation.