Since 1904, the Dahlstrom® name has been synonymous with an accepted standard of excellence in custom roll formed products. Over a century of consistent work in the roll forming industry has left Dahlstrom® with a broad range of 1600+ unique profiles. If you are unable to find the shape you require in our catalog, Dahlstrom® can design & produce a new custom component that meets your specifications. Send us a Request for Quote today! 


Dahlstrom® shapes are fabricated from a wide variety of metals including: cold rolled, hot rolled pickled and oiled, high strength low alloy, galvanized / galvannealed,stainless, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze. Some shapes are available in steel only, such as welded shapes or those with tooling not developed to process a particular material.

Material Thickness & Lengths:

Current capabilities allow for use of .016″ to .200″ for products produced from coil material. Dahlstrom® can handle roll formed shapes up to 85 feet long.
Most shapes can be cut to specific lengths.


Many cross-sectional shape dimensions can be held within +/- .010″, with tighter and/or looser tolerances depending upon customer requirements, processing capabilities, and tool investment.

Punched or Pierced Features:

Depending upon the complexity and pattern, features such as holes, notches, and cut-outs are either pre-punched in-line on roll forming shapes or post punched using a secondary operation.

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