MeshTrim Steel U Channel

Framing for Woven Wire Fabrics & Perforated Metal Products

Woven wire fabrics and perforated metal products have long been used in architectural design as both decorative and structural components. Yet due to the countless combinations of gauge thicknesses, weave spacings, and depths of wire corrugation, wire fabric manufacturers often have problems trimming the exposed edges efficiently. The most logical solution is a skinny U-channel with tall legs. Unfortunately, the narrow openings, long legs, and heavy gauges needed for these applications make conventional brake press bending a very labor-intensive (and expensive) process.

As a solution, Dahlstrom Roll Form has developed a universal set of tools that forms variably-sized channels in several thicknesses of steel. Dahlstrom’s MeshTrim family of channels can be used individually, or in nested horizontal and vertical sets to provide countless options for covering the edges of wire fabric panels. Dahlstrom is a leading supplier of border trim channels (M & R type hook strips) for wire screens used in the aggregate-separation industry. We took this experience and used it to develop the MeshTrim series for metal fabrics.

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Why choose MeshTrim?

Dahlstrom can produce these channels with any combination of web widths ranging from 0.10” – 1.00”, leg heights from 1.00” – 3.50”, and overall part lengths from 60” – 30’. And in addition to its extensive flexibility, Dahlstrom’s MeshTrim program always includes the following value-added features:

  • No-cost tooling for hundreds of U-channel size combinations
  • Collaborative engineering to anticipate your edging needs
  • Make-to-order & managed inventory programs
  • Field quality defect PPM of less than 4,000
  • On-time delivery rate of 99.5%
  • Lead time of 3-5 weeks


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